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Our goal

We wish for everyone that the last goodbye can be kind and peaceful.


A felted urn is a personal product that can contribute to a beautiful farewell in harmony with nature.

Who are we?

Uurna is a Danish design company. We are artisans in felt, graphics and ceramics.


Our employees have a wide range of work experience, and several are employed on gentle terms in mini-flex jobs.


We have many years of experience with felt, and our production has started in the Felt Laboratory in Odense. In 2018, production moved across the courtyard to Filtværket.


The idea for the urns arose in 2016 after a death in the close family. We missed a nice and warm product for the ashes of a dear relative.


Numerous prototypes were made before we came up with the form and expression, and we are constantly experimenting.

Why choose UURNA

Uurna's felt urns are aesthetic and sustainable. Caring for nature is an important part of life. This also applies at the end of life. For us, sustainability is an overall principle.


The raw material for the manufacture of urns is wool, which is a renewable and abundant resource. We mainly use naturally colored Danish wool.


Wool and silk dyed with environmentally friendly dyes are used for decoration. Wood, leather and willow as well as snail shells and stones are used for closures.


In the manufacturing process, only water and soap are used. The urns are lightly starched with natural starch.


Wool completely decomposes in the soil and even leaves the soil enriched because wool contains useful minerals and organic substances.


Manufacturing the urns does not harm the environment.
We naturally comply with all standards for green burial, and the urns are developed in consultation with funeral directors and crematoria.


Uurna's trademark and design are registered and approved in the EU ®.

Line Eskestad

Mette Østman

Pia Busk

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