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Uurna Rød unika

Our felted urns

Our handmade felted urns are all unique - just like we humans are. They are created with care and dedication often inspired by nature.

All urns can be made in all colors and sizes.


Click on the individual models to see them in several different versions. Their names will be explained there as well.

1. Såne

2. Rund

3. Birk

4. Sten

5. Ugle

6. Løg

7. Skov

8. Unika

9. Small urns and caskets

​If you have a desire for a special design that expresses just you or your loved one, we can create it together (we can make it in 2-3 days).


Feel free to contact us for special designs and for special personal decoration.


Nordic Funeral and Fuglebjerg Kistefabrik sell our urns, which can be ordered through your funeral director.


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