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Filtet urne SKOV i Mettes æbletræ.



Our goal

Our wish is for everyone to be able to bid a kind and peaceful final farewell to their loved one so that life can move forward with fond memories. 


A felted urn is a personal product that can be a part of a beautiful farewell in harmony with nature.

Who are we?

Uurna is a Danish design company. We are artisans, and we have roots and training in ceramics, visual arts and felting. All these skills are used in the work to create our unique felted urns.


We have many years of experience with felt, and our production has started in the Felt Laboratory in Odense. In 2018, a new chapter began and production moved across the yard to Filtværket.

Approx. 10 dedicated employees work here now with a wide range of professional experience. They are all are employed with their own safeguarding requirements in mini-flex jobs of 4-10 hours a week.

We came up with the idea for the urns in 2016 after a close family death. We missed a nice and warm resting place for the ashes of a dear relative, and we quickly agreed that wool and felting were suitable for creating exactly the product we wanted. 


Numerous prototypes were made before we arrived at the final shape with a strong urn DNA. This means that both form and expression hold up, both aesthetically and in practical handling.


Why choose Uurna

Uurna's felt urns are aesthetic and sustainable. Caring for nature is an important part of life. This also applies at the end of life. For us, sustainability is a guiding principle.

The urns each have their own expression, and many will feel a connection to the natural elements incorporated into our felted urns. Perhaps it is the shape, the colour, the motif or the awareness that wool is a soft and natural material.

It often occurs that those left behind have special requests, for example when it comes to the closing of an urn, which can be something linked to a personal memory. This creates an even more personal urn, which can reflect the person themself, or the bereaved's relationship with the person to whom they are saying goodbye.

The idea of wool turning into soil is also something that makes sense to many people/ is also an important point for many people. An urn made of wool will become part of nature's cycle and provide nourishment to the earth and the life that will follow. 


Uurna's trademark and design are registered and approved in the EU ®.

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