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On an ordinary Friday in September, Uurna was visited in the workshop by Chris Pedersen from Kulturen on DR P1. He had met our felted urns in real life and had wanted to interview the people behind such a product. In the interview, we were allowed to talk about our ideas, thoughts and the story behind the felt urns. It was a fun and pleasant visit, and an hour's footage was then boiled down to 15 minutes. The broadcast was broadcast on 18 September and can be heard here. We get really happy and excited when someone shows interest in our woolen urns, and we really like to talk about our experiences with both product development, ideas and meeting many different people.

So what is it that makes you choose a felt urn as a bereaved person?

We see them as both beautiful, loving and personal, and felt turns are one of the sustainable urn choices you can make. That in itself is a good reason, but not the only one. The file turns can be seen in a larger context, which was also taken up in the broadcast.

Our feature was followed by an interview with grief researcher Dorthe Refslund Christensen. She talked about traditions, culture and rituals, which she has described in a large EU research project on grief. Uurna's urns are a good idea of how the traditional can be maintained, while at the same time giving the ritual the unique and personal expression we want - in respect for the deceased.

Here are some of the urns that we call 'standard' This means that we have made them in advance so they are ready to ship as soon as they are ordered. They can also be added with a personal touch for closure or pendant.

Here are 3 of our special urns, which can be seen under Unique

According to Dorthe Refslund Most of us would really like to go out of our way and do something a little different, so that the farewell to our loved ones is just right. At Uurna, we often make an urn with a personal touch. In this way, the bereaved come to think about the deceased's interests, background or personality, and the urn thus comes to reflect their relationship. We also talk about that in the interview.

The culture on P1 can be found here, and there are also many other interesting features:

In the next blog post, we will elaborate on our sustainable considerations and explain the otherwise worn-out word in relation to our file turns.

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