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Uurna's felt urns are all beautiful, sustainable and personal. They are all made by hand. We lay out the wool for each individual urn and decorate it, we wash with warm soapy water until it is sufficiently felted, and we shape the urn so that it is exactly as we want it to be. Then it must dry. We install closures and cords so that the urn can work for the undertaker, crematorium and for the bereaved, who must help lower it into the ground.

We make the felted urns in 7 different models. These are the ones we always have in stock.

And then there is our uniqueness. We make them to order from the relatives. They may have special wishes for colors because the deceased had a favorite color or flower. From time to time we have started from a knitted sweater or something else that the person had created and was happy with.

Decorations and closures on the urn can also be made to express the history, personality or interests of the deceased.

This urn was made for an angler who loved the sea and nature.

The very bright green-yellow urn was made for a woman who for many years had enjoyed the view from her house when the surrounding rapeseed fields were in bloom.

Many of our unique urns can be seen here

If you want a unique urn, you can inform the undertaker about this, or you can contact us directly. In any case, the urn will be sold through the undertaker, but it can be nice to talk together so that we can find out what is right and what is possible for us to do. It takes a few extra days to make a unique urn.

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