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BIRK with birch bark

The BIRK urn is one of our most beloved urns. It is, like all our felted urns, made from pure wool and felted by hand using only water and soap. The BIRK urn is inspired by the white bark of the birch tree with patches of moss and lichen.

Filtede urner dekoreret som birkebark

Up until now, the closure of the BIRK urn has consisted of a felted branch with leaves. This type of closure is still available as we have a lot of them. For some time, we have been experimenting with closures made from real birch bark. We've arrived at a shape which we think is both beautiful and wonderfully well-suited for our BIRK urn.

BIRK urne med lukning af birkebark

The BIRK urn is a part of our standard assortment of environmentally friendly urns. It is one of the designs we always keep in stock. It being called a 'standard' urn doesn't mean it's not handmade or personal. It just means that we've made some in advance, so they're ready to be sent out at short notice.

Birkebark,  lukning på filtet urne

Here, you can clearly see the BIRK urn with its bark closure. It sounds incredibly natural and environmentally friendly, and that's because it is.

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